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Welcome To Rock West

Rock West comes from “Rock” as in establishing a solid business foundation and “West” representing the entrepreneurial spirit of the company. Going West is most often associated with the early pioneers and their ambitions, desires and belief that anything is possible. They took risks and were committed to building something new. They were determined and had the willingness to put in the hard work necessary for success. These are all values we embody at Rock West.

Rock West Vision

Inspire people to do great things!

Our Mission

Make our customers more successful by providing resources, tools and structure to our motivated team of employee-owners.

Our Values

Our workplace should be fun, creative, and empowering for Employees
Create and deliver exceptional products and solutions and success will follow
Always work to make our customers more competitive
Maintain strong, healthy, and growing financials for a sustainable future

Meeting Your Composite Needs With Over 3000 Products In Stock!

Tablet Showing

Tablet Showing

Rock West was founded by engineer / entrepreneurs who spent years in Aerospace & Defense. Today we continue to service this market with specialized teams focused on Space Hardware, Radomes, and Structures.

Advanced Composite Materials used in commercial applications save on energy and increase speed by cutting down on weight, without compromising strength or precision. We have dedicated teams focused on the Industrial, Medical, and Energy markets.

With our locations in California, Utah, and Mexico, Rock West provides one-stop shopping to develop and manufacture your high-performance Sports Equipment. Our dedicated teams focus on the Outdoor, Motorsports, and Marine industries.


Our experts specialize in the development of products that use advanced sensor system technologies, providing integrated solutions to achieve our clients’ goals in cost effective ways. We help in the detection of photons, gammas and xrays, neutrons, or RF signatures, providing experienced engineering support, design, analysis, testing and/or prototyping. 



Specializing in land speculation, property development, and income producing property for both residential and commercial projects, our objectives are simple: acquire raw land and underdeveloped projects where Rock West can add value, in order to resell or manage at better than market returns. We have a creative and integrated approach in seeking opportunities at below market value where we then amend, remediate, improve or construct new. Our holdings are in California and Utah and include both commercial and residential properties.


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Rock West
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