People (San Diego staff picture)


Rock West is employee-owned. All the owners are actively involved in the business and have 25-40+ years of experience in their respective fields.

We have a senior team across the business, experienced and educated. The staff has over 15 years of experience on average and nearly 40% have Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees.

Our Engineers, who makes up 16% of our staff, average over 23 years of experience.

Our Technicians, who make up 74% of our staff, average 10 years of experience.

Our Support Staff, a lean 10% of the company, average 15 years of experience.

As an employee-owned business, we are always finding ways to incentivize our employees to meet exceptional performance standards. Every employee, from technicians to support to management, have the opportunity for bonuses based on performance metrics. All performance targets are focused on delivering what we promise to our customers – quality products produced cost effectively and delivered on-time.