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Rock West Properties is a real estate development company specializing in land speculation, property development, and income producing property for both residential and commercial projects.

Rock West Properties, LLC’s are incorporated to invest, manage, and grow our real estate development company. Founded in 2003 by Jim Gormican with more than 20 years of experience in property development at that time, he has grown the business significantly since inception. Holdings are in California and Utah and include both commercial and residential properties.

Objectives of the company are very simple: acquire raw land and underdeveloped projects where Rock West can add value, in order to resell or manage at better than market returns. We have a creative and integrated approach in seeking opportunities at below market value where we then amend, remediate, improve or construct new.

Balancing appreciation, debt, cash flow, and tax (both short and long term) with overall equity growth, each property is incorporated into the company strategy of working to multiple exits. These may include: selling for short term appreciation, rental for long term cash flow, and property exchange for tax deferral to increase total equity.

The intent is to grow the real estate business and over time diversity the earnings into other Rock West businesses. Currently, the value of holdings is nearly equal to the value of Rock West Composites, Inc., and as such, offers excellent financial stability and solvency for the enterprise as a whole.
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